Thursday, October 9, 2008

crabby mccrab


Nadia said...

o.O !!
This looks friggin awesome, nicely rendered dude!

marmotte said...

only 23 years old.. it's so irritating, how is it possible to manage color and volume/shape so well :D..
I discover you blog, and I've just seen that you added me on your links, thanks ! I add you too ;).

texahol said...

thanks nadia :D

mamotte..."only" 23... :P

thanks for the link :D

Taraa said...

Hey, love this one... esp the texture- the bicep and thigh muscles look very real!

Chanced upon your blog while 'next-blog'ging. Will come back. Will add you to my blogroll too, if you don't mind.

texahol said...

thanks taraa :)

Anonymous said...