Sunday, April 19, 2009

monster poop


joverine said...

didn't know u had your own blog!
cool, I just added it to my blogroll so I can keep updated :)
great creatures btw!

devin platts said...

hey joe!

yeah it's kind of nuts...everyone posts stuff in sooooo many places, it's hard to keep track ;)

o.O' said...

Hey Devin, man, that "Benfinal" picture is just amazing... I knew you have skill, but that one just blew me away.
Enjoying your beasties and digital art, but the paintings more & more.

devin platts said...

hey! glad to hear from you :)

I hope everything is going well for you seb :)

Nadia said...

These are some badass pokemon!

BTW! I stopped posting on my slither astray blog cause I got myself a new one to match my shiny new website.

Here's the blog
pretty empty so far but It's gonna be cool

devin platts said...

sweeeeet :D looking forward to it nadia!

C.R.MacTernan said...

Whoa hey! I'm following you too now! Nice, Niiiice stuff dude. I like your monster poose. ;)

mclean said...

Nice stuff man, this is a blog to keep an eye on, for sure!

devin platts said...

C.R: u are toooo good to be following the likes of me!!! :O really love your work <3

mclean: thanks man ;D