Monday, October 26, 2009


I did this as a demo for a friend. I painted this live for him through skype's screen share over a couple sessions while he asked me questions and I talked about various things.

-click for larger image-


Nadia said...

Big fan of your alien designs! they kind of remind me of oban star racers.. but an adult and less cartoony version or something.

Jon McCoy said...

Thats a great step by step. Very clear and straightforward process. Thanks!

Jeffrey Lai said...

very nice tutorial!
I shall try it out!

devin platts said...

thanks nadia, I'll check out oban star racers. I'm not familiar with them

jon: what can I say I'm a simple person.

jeffrey: it's a great process~ hope u like it

Character said...

Will there be a transcript of the audio available?

devin platts said...

audio transcript >_>