Tuesday, March 16, 2010

rapid creature thumbs

did two separate challenges with some friends.

10 creatures in under 1 hr!!!

really fun to do, it's nice to just do random thumbs of critters, I think i've got some designs I'd like to explore further outta these :)


Luca said...

wow Dev, good work man. Some of them I already see them fleshed out. I hope you work on a couple of them :) Very interesting choice of colour.

NQ said...

Yeah, Devin! These little dudes are sweet! I wanna see froggy worked up!

devin platts said...

luca: thanks! yeah the cool thing about that coloring method, is most of the work is all done for u in only 5 minutes!!!! haha :P

nighel: weeeeeeeeeeee!