Saturday, February 27, 2010


Started out with a character just on white, all rendered it out... but I'm trying to shy away from working on I ghetto-blasted in a background, and erm...anyway I ended up with this haphazard image.


Csmif said...

needs moar detail on her, with a bg that dark needs some more eye candy to draw us in besides the flame imo.

But man, take like another 2 month break so i can catch up a bit =\

O_O said...

I'm watchin uuu
Good stuff - John_O :D

devin platts said...

chris: no more breaks, I'm going to be working harder than ever! Also no more of this haphazard bullshit i keep doing.

John_o: oooooi hope your not watchin me when I'm taking a shower...that would be awkward :O