Tuesday, February 23, 2010

screen recording

I did a quick screen recording while doing some environment studies to work out the kinks...I sure am glad I started with something quick...I've had some trouble figuring out the right settings/compression and I'm stuck with iMovie until I can get ahold of finalcut express...btw for those of you who haven't had the *pleasure* of working with iMovie...it's a right smart pain in the ass.


Scott Altmann said...

cool! Nice speed paint, and I think the Vid turned out well. I have iMovie on my MAC but haven't ever used it for anything. It's a pain, eh?

devin platts said...

well iMovie just isn't meant for any kind of editing. It's basically designed so that u can drop some clips into a timeline and do some cheese effects on them, and then burn them to DVD,[ in iDVD of course, with some more cheese menus] to show grandma. Hopefully grandma has a DVD player.

I used final cut all through college, and it's like using Photoshop vs. MSPaint.