Friday, November 11, 2011

Seems it's been a little while since my last update.

I reckon there's a bit of a long story of random shit that's happened since relocating from Shanghai to Singapore...but I'll spare you the long rant :3 Things happened, and I'm still in Singapore.

Here's some kind of something almost a year old already from a cancelled project at work. I started out with some loose line work from a coworker...these were a collaboration of sorts that I did while I was waiting on feedback from another project that I was working on.

...and a rather quick study that I spent somewhere around 30 minutes on.


TGO said...

Hey man, It's Tom Owens. I had no idea how else to get a hold of you, but you need to see this if you haven't already. It instantly made me think of you. Hope all is well in...China?...still?

devin platts said...

damn dude...that link is pure awesome :O I was wondering what the hell happened to you a while ago and couldn't figure out how to contact you.

uhhh you should add me on msn: [the email doesn't work as email]

Steve Finnell said...

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myrtle said...

WoW! that was so awesome.
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joefeinsilver said...

Great work here, I really like the evolution of these characters.