Thursday, September 6, 2012

You have acquired 1 (one) internets!

It's been a bit of a long while since my last post. Almost a year! Jeepers :O

In that almost a year I've managed to leave my job at Gameloft's Redsteam studio, moved back to the USA, gone back to freelancing, started studying at the Safehouse Atelier in San Francisco...and most importantly, grown a rather dapper beard.

Here's some of those picture things I'm supposing you're all here to see.

15 minute movie screen cap studies:

The beard in question:

More of these dang fangled picture things will be arriving on the internets soon enough...
Y'all come back now, ya hear?


Manuel Dupong said...

Glad to see you back. And sad that we're not working for the same company anymore. However I'm sure you'll move to bigger and greater things.

Bryan Liberty said...

Nice work my man

DanijelC said...

Damn, that's one fine beard. Safehouse Atelier seems like an awesome place to refine your skills. Don't forget to post some of that cool stuff here :).

devin platts said...

Manuel: cheers! I can only hope...hahah :O

Bryan: thank you!!

DanijelC: I sure hope it's not a Samson thing...I reckon I'll have to think twice before I cut it off :S

Mihyar Abdelgalil said...

This stuff is amazing. I am an aspiring artist and I can definiely learn a thing or two from your work. Nice beard btw!

Nathan said...

Amelie, Big Fish, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Inception, and Seabiscuit?